Sunday, November 21, 2010

Animals & Cemetaries

     Gods and goddesses came to Earth as animals.  The Cat, Cattle, Beetle, and Jackal were the most sacred of animals.  Humans were usually buried with their animals.  Cats were the most common animal found in cemetaries and inside tombs.  The cat represented the goddess Bastet.

The Ears of a Fennec Fox

        The ears of a fennec fox are so big because it lets the heat out of the fox's body.  His ears remind me of a bat and he is nocturnal just like a bat.  His ears are the largest of all foxes when compared to their body size.  When they hunt the stare at the ground turning their head to listen where the prey is.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Which Animals Live Where

            Not all animals live in the sane place.  You find different animals in different places.  If you're by the water you see fish, ducks, and geese.  If you're in the desert you would see jackals and camels.  If you went to town or a farm or someplace else where people lived, you would see sheep, cows, goats, dogs, oxen, camels, and elephants.  If you were in the flood zone, you'd see ducks and geese.  I think I'd want to live on a farm so I could have lots of different animals.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

WOW!! Look at all the Animals in Egypt

           In Egypt there are many different types of animals.  Some animals are pets and farm animals such as horse, donkey, mule, elephant, cow, sheep, goat, dogs, and cats.  Other animals are wild; horse, donkey, elephant, cow, sheep, goat, dog, duck, geese, and bees.  Goats are also used for religion reasons.  They are sacraficed.  Elephants can be used for many uses.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animals! Egypt!Thats important!!

           The animals of Egypt are very important. They play a very important role in building the giant pyramids that you can see in Egypt today,but the main importance of the animals in Egypt is farming, because cattle was used to pull the plow so things could be planted. Okay so you're probably wondering what types of animals they had in ancient Egypt. In Egypt they had lots of different animals like cows, sheep, goats, ducks, and geese for food. There are also plenty of other animals too, but the animals weren't just standing around, they had jobs too. Just like the people the animals helped build pyramids farm and lots of other things. You're probably asking yourself "how did the animals help build pyramids", well first you have to ask yourself how did those big blocks get up there, well in the earlier days they had a whole bunch of people to pull them up, but in the later days they tied two oxen to a sled and they pulled the huge blocks up the hill. each one of those blocks weighed about 2.5 tons not pounds TONS, if you really think about it, pulling 2.5 tons up a hill until the whole pyramid was done, those oxen must have been strong. They had sheep, goats and cows milk to drink, well along with water.The Egyptians made cloths out of just about any animal they ate. For their religion they would sometimes sacrifice a sheep. I think that's enough information about the importance of animals in ancient Egypt, hope you learned a lot.